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Opp Calicut Bakes & Cafe
Gandhi Ashram, Civil Station
Kozhikode – 673020
Ph: +91 495-237 82 92
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Technologies Used

Selective and Effective Technologies used by us for waste water treatment
  • Activated Sludge Process (ASP)-CELLAR model & above Ground level
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)- CELLAR model & above Ground level
  • ULTRA-Filtration : For bringing the treated effluent to reusable standards of PCB
  • Membrane Bio Reactor ( MBR)

  • Where space constraints are there we provide FRP Tanks on terrace top for all these
    Three treatment systems
    The aeration method in all these systems is by diffuser membranes using Positive
    Displacement Rotary Twin/Tri lobe air blower


    Different Water Treatment systems offered by us

  • Turbidity Removal
  • Hardness Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • ULTRA-Filtration
  • TDS removal by R O Plant
  • Desalination by R O Plant
  • Deionization/Demineralization.
  • Total Disinfection of water by UV sterilizer or Ozonisation

We also undertake Packaged Drinking Water projects.