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STERO 360 Alfa UV Mobile Sanitizer and Sterilisation System. Covid-19 appears to be the biggest threat at this moment and scientists say it can’t be fully eradicated but we have to learn to live with it. But worry not, we are introducing a solution to this challenge from a company well known for the manufacturing of Innovative Products. Presenting Alfa UV Mobile Sanitizer and Sterilisation System, Stero-360 which is effective during post-Covid period also.


About the STERO-360: Mobile UV Room Sterilizer

  • High-performance mobile UV sanitizer with 6 high-intensity UL certified UVGI emitters(Ozone free).


  • High efficiency energy distribution system to increase the irradiated UV dose on target by >100%. 


  • This sterilizer machine comes with pre-set functionality which ensures that the device is placed in an ideal location in the room every time.


  • This UV room sterilizer also eliminates operator error, which is critical for effective sanitation.


  • The STERO-360 MACHINE is safe, controlled by any Wi-Fi enabled smart device and its easy to use interface makes selecting the right disinfection cycle, always an easy one.


  • The STERO-360 MACHINE is also equipped with Realtime performance validation with NIST/ US FDA approved PRISM technology-ensures complete sanitation every single time.